I never know if my decisions are right. My wife, Mary Anne is very sickly and I never know when my last goodbye with her is. I worry who is taking care of her. Being away from a sickly wife with seven potential caretakers should not worry me as much as it does. Not quite seven anymore, though. My oldest, Custus, is a confederate general as well. William is part of the confederate army and Robert Jr. has just enrolled in the university of Virginia. I worry about Anne as she is blind in one eye and I don't know how she will handle house cleaning. Luckily, Elenore tends to help her out with tidying up her things. Speaking of Elenore, I hope she stays away from that Orton Williams. Mildred must miss me lots. She loves spending time with me and is quite spoiled as well. She recently went to boarding school and I have been told she will be returning soon due to this war. Sadly, I won't be there to greet her. As for Mary, she stays away from the house. Seems she is avoiding past memories and wishes to seek a distraction. I miss them all greatly. My wife and I are older, but we have hope for this country. I am hopeful that she will live to see the country in a better state. I never thought at 54 I would be the general of a war between the country. The new recruits are scared yet, excited to take back their way of life. Though I don't completely agree with it, I fight with my brothers, not against them. This war will not be won with hope alone, but with perseverance.

- General Robert E. Lee


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