I got your letters. I am sorry I can’t be there to help you with everything. I want this war to be over but it is only the start of a brutal fight. Is anyone helping to take care of you or the house? I want to know how my beautiful Wife is doing. I haven't heard much from Custis nor William but they are busy like me. I just got a letter from Robert and he says he is doing well and is confident we will perform well. I hope you can understand the busy schedule of our sons and I. They must use their time writing letters to you and their wives. The battle an Sharpsburg was a success. The newer men were trained well as new victories for the south are coming. The north must be upset that us “rebels” are beating their “yanks”. I want you to feel better. It's the start of a new life and we need to get our minds off things for a clean start. At least General McClellan was relieved of his work and I hope for a challenge. Our daughter is watching us as we fight, in more ways than one. We shall leave this war with our heads up, no matter the outcomes. I pray for you and our country.
Your loving husband,


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